Cascade Swap

Dimple Cascade swap is not a straightforward swap that allows the calling of a Uniswap v3 to exchange one asset for another. Dimple swap uses all benefits of Uniswap v3 under the hood. The swap contains a set of actions in one tx:

  • it looks into the vault if it has needed NFT in the needed price range interval. If not - it creates the needed liquidity position (NFT) with 1 USD liquidity in both tokens

  • It splits the amount of 'in' assets into portions (from 2 to 5 depending on the amount of the assets)

  • swaps the first portion

  • calculates the needed price range in the pool and adds the first swapped assets as LP

  • swaps the second portion (in this case the first portion receives exchange fees)

  • calculates the needed price range in the pool and adds the second swapped assets as LP

  • repeats these actions until the swap is done and liquidity is added to the needed price range

All these actions are in one transaction. Dimple swap allows to spare up to 0.3% of exchange fees.

Example of tx:

The transaction above contains liquidity positions rebalancing with custom swap actions.

Dimple swap as a separate service will be added to the protocol. It allows users to reduce swap fees during the exchanges.

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